Our Vendors
Ultra-Precision Bridges for Guitars and Bass
Capacitors for power electronics
Elhand Transformatory
Transformers, autotransformers, chokes, filters and power supplies
DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Supplies
Hi-Tech Lamps Inc.
Lamps, bulbs, LEDs, sockets, photo-detectors, photonic components.
The leader in Diversified Technology.
Imagecraft Creations, Inc.
Embedded Systems C Development Tools.
IXYS Semiconductor
Specialized power semiconductors, integrated circuits and RF power.
Circuit protection solutions.
Microwave Technologies Inc.
Specializes in the design, development and manufacture of electronic defense equipment and systems.
Mini Circuits
Amplifiers, attenuators, cables, couplers, filters, frequency mixers, frequency multipliers, limiters, oscillators.
Silver Telecom
Telephony & Power Solution Modules.
SOS Technologies
The SOS Technologies Trauma Unit is the most advanced and reliable emergency Oxygen inhalator available.
The world's leading independent high voltage power supply, X‑Ray generator and MONOBLOCK® X-Ray source manufacturer.
Provider of flexible hotspot management system for Wi-Fi.
Leading provider of embedded computers based on Intel/Marvell XScale, NVIDIA Tegra 2 and x86 (Intel Atom) processors.
Manufacturer of DC power supplies and DC/DC converters.
Microcontrollers, Touch Sensors, Memory chips and a lot more.
Bourns AG
Circuit Protection, Diodes, Microelectronic Modules, Position Sensors, Encoders, Potentiometers, Magnetic Products.
Dielectric Labs
High-Q Multi-Layer capacitors (MLC) and Single-Layer capacitors (SLC), Resonators, Filters, Broadband DC blocks.
DNA Energie
The manufacturer and supplier of components for power factor correction.
Frequency control products. Quartz Crystals, Crystal Oscillators.
HVR International Ltd
World leader in the manufacturing of High Voltage, High Energy, Non Inductive Ceramic Carbon Linear Resistors.
Kunze Folien GmbH
  • Power Semiconductor Assemblies
  • Thyristor Controllers
  • Aluminium and Liquid cooled Heatsinks and Thermal Management products
  • Low, Medium and High Power Semiconductors
wide range of high-frequency coaxial products like cable-, PCB- and panel-connectors, and adaptors, tools and accessories
Designs and creates event-driven processors for digital electronics, the XC programming language and industry-leading development tools.