About our company

Located in Florida, Advanced Trading Company, Inc. (ATC) is a stock distributor of electronic components. We stock a wide range of leading edge components from US, European and Asian manufacturers. We have an official long term relationship with our vendors from US, UK, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea and Malaysia and this is why we are able to sell different lines of products with flexible pricing.

ATC is a fast growing company with client base across the globe. For years we have built strong customer relationships with our clients in Eastern Europe and ex-CIS countries. Our relationships with our clients are usually based on fast quotes and quick deliveries.

We are constantly adding product lines to our product lines, which is currently over 250,000 items. With rapid growth in our inventory, our trading partner in Russia, the Argussoft Company expanded their fully automated warehouse in Moscow.

All shipments are handled from ATC forwarding warehouses in Sterling, Virginia, US, and London, UK.

ATC corporate headquarters is now located in Naples, Florida with satellite offices in Frederick, MD and Winchester, VA.